The Flack on Stack

Musings on Media, Tech, PR & Politics

In 2005, I launched the irreverently titled weblog “The Flack” on Blogspot. Ten years (and 1000+ posts) later, I migrated my PR industry-focused content to WordPress and eventually began cross-posting to Medium and periodically on LinkedIn. Today, arriving a little late to the exploding Substack community, I’ve resuscitating the blog with a new title “The Flack on Stack.” Here I’ll take a broader editorial purview that will transcend PR to include news and trends in media, technology, and politics of particular interest.

Unlike the many journalists who’ve forsaken their more established legacy and digital media employers to try to cultivate a paying audience of subscribers, I do not see this venture as a money-making enterprise. After all, knock on wood, my PR and digital media consultancy Flatiron Communications continues to thrive, even during the global pandemic.

I will continue to edit the (outlier) “Adventures in Consumer Technology” publication on Medium, with its 48,000 followers, and remain active on Twitter, the veritable watercooler for nearly every journalist I know.

Anyway, I hope you’ll subscribe, or minimally, recommend folks I should follow within the Substack community.